Charan Prabhakar + Bhavanna’s Story

On this episode of the ZuLoo Pōōdcast, we talk with actor, writer, producer Charan Prabhakar about being raised in India, his journey to stardom, and a disastrous road-side, back-seat toilet tragedy in LA. We discuss the pros and cons of living in “survival mode” and find meaning in connecting with the advantages and privileges around us. 

Stay Informed

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2015-2030

World Health Organization’s 2020 global sanitation report 

News Minute

Why you should put the lid down

Astronauts and rocket scientists forgot one crucial thing

Facts and Sidenotes:

  • It’s handy to keep garbage bags in your car for uses other than garbage
  • Putting the toilet seat down before flushing reduces the spread of germs (who could have guessed!)
  • Toilets not only provide protection from physical harm, but they can also increase economic privilege and opportunity to individuals and families

You can find a list of Charan’s work on IMDB or just cut to the chase and watch the trailer of his latest and greatest work: Alien Country

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