You don’t need trees for great TP! This two-ply tree-free bamboo toilet paper is kind to body, loved by septic systems and deeply better for the earth. Absorbent emboss helps keep things tidy with no linty bits. Made from soft & sustainable bamboo, not trees! Free of chlorine bleaching and chemicals, too. 24 long lasting rolls in each box.


We believe most people want to do better by the Earth. But where to start? We started Caboo: two brothers, a wife and a friend. Wiping out forests along with a spill or a bum just didn’t make sense to us. So we figured it out, building relationships with trusted farmers, retailers and folks along the way. Ten years and two kids later, we’re even more committed to making tree-free the go-to. Daily decisions like choosing Caboo do make a difference. We and the forest thank you!