Take on BV with a 2-day dose product shown to relieve bacterial vaginosis symptoms, like fishy odor, excess discharge, and itching. FemiClear uses all-natural and organic ingredients that are known to fight bacteria that causes BV.


We believe your V (vulva and vagina) should be a source of joy and love. It’s your center. The foundation of pleasure. But when your V gets out of balance, there is just one goal – to get back to the life you love. Those fulfilling relationships. Laughter. And the ultimate joy of feeling great in your skin. We are a company led by women, breaking boundaries in over-the-counter women’s health by tackling conditions many don’t want to discuss – like genital herpes – to help shatter stigmas, educate others and heal our bodies. At FemiClear®, we believe everyone deserves to find peace and balance within their V and joy in their life. That’s what we call Joie de V.