Mixhers: HerGreens

Superfood Support

Not into kale chips? We get it. Hergreens is an easy, effective way to get your daily greens. Just one stick includes 14 variations of greens! Hergreens nourishes your body with the crucial vitamins and minerals that come from vegetables, while supporting healthy kidney, heart, and liver function*. Oh, and it tastes amazing.

It’s what’s inside that counts.

key ingredients

  • Spirulina
Why isn’t there a natural way to deal with the monthly woes our periods bring along with them? And, better yet, why isn’t there a way to stop them altogether? This led to an all-out search for some sort of product that offered a solution. When nothing was found, the search shifted, leading to the front door of a holistic health care practitioner whose knowledge and understanding held the answer. Mother Nature has provided us with natural, earth-grown remedies that can regulate hormones, reduce inflammation in the uterus, and stifle our monthly strife. After two years of painstaking research, formulation, re-formulation and testing, Hertime was born and Mixhers was off and running. We are a company built by women, for women. Driven and dedicated to helping you embrace your time of the month by giving your body the nutrition it needs.