• THE PERFECT TRAVEL ACCESSORY: Completely collapsible ergonomic body for easy use, carry and storage
  • CONVENIENT AND DISCREET: Pop-up spray nozzle extends and retracts with a simple press of the top button
  • QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST: Easy-squeeze technology for a powerful spray on the go, BPA-free, 100% silicone body
  • YOUR CLEANSING COMPANION: Can be used at the office, festivals, camping, hiking, and road trips

Like most Americans, we hadn’t thought too much about the benefits of better bathroom hygiene, much less the advent of bidets until we came face-to-face with a hi-tech Japanese toilet seat in the bathroom of Tom’s new Raleigh, N.C. apartment. Upon initial inspection, it seemed a bit complex and excessive, we thought “Is this really necessary? We’ve been wiping for years, why change now?” But curiosity took hold and after a few glorious washes we realized the error of our ways: washing really is better than wiping. We were hooked.

It was an epiphany moment for us, everything clicked and we started asking questions. Given the choice, why would anyone choose to take dry paper in their hand and reach below to clean themselves? Why, in our hygiene obsessed culture, is that considered normal? The more we thought about it, the more we realized our first entrepreneurial venture as a father and son team would need to be in the bidet biz. So we set out to conduct hands-on, hands-free research. After inspecting every type, make, and model of bidet we could find we decided on creating a luxury toilet seat experience as the best way to bring a clean, green solution to the American people.

We are Tom and Thomas Lotrecchiano, co-founders of Omigo, and we are here to revolutionize the way the U.S. thinks about bidets and shed some light on a solution Americans have slept on for too many years. Meet Omigo.