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Social Causes Your Business Can Get Involved In

Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard and his family recently announced that they would be donating their [...]

Period Poverty and the Sanitation Crisis

What’s red, a bit messy, and impacts half the world’s population every month? No, it’s [...]

Creating Access to Clean Water in India

“I would wait until nighttime to try … There were so many tired, wide-staring eyes [...]

How Can My Business Be More Socially Conscious?

In a perfect world, a business could be just that: a company that solves a [...]

7 Things to Know About the World Toilet Summit in 2022

You read that right: the World Toilet Summit. But no, it’s not a collection of [...]

What Is the Global Sanitation Crisis and Why Should I Care?

For most people in the Western world, a toilet in their living space is an [...]