India Expedition

Why do we facilitate on-site expeditions?

Expeditions give our stakeholders first-hand exposure to the social issues we work on year-round. Trip attendees meet our in-country partners and beneficiary communities and gain a rich understanding of our unique approach to sustainably improve sanitation conditions. Far from poverty tourism, our expeditions are intended to educate our supporters and create long-term ambassadors of ZuLoo’s mission.

Program Overview

  • Site visits to slum communities
  • Observational analyses of ZuLoo’s eco-toilets (soilets)
  • Participation in women-led focus groups
  • Bore-well inauguration celebration ceremonies
  • Q&A with in-country partner staff and beneficiary families
  • Service day helping elderly dig pits to construct their soilets

What can I expect from joining an expedition?

Expedition participants will experience the beauty of India from its world-renowned heritage sites to the rich resilient culture of the communities we work in. Attendees will participate in women-led focus groups that bring to life the daily challenges faced due to lack of water and sanitation. They will attend community celebratory bore-well inauguration ceremonies and understand ZuLoo’s approach to measuring the impact of our work through qualitative data-driven methods.

What is the cost to join an expedition?

Expedition cost is $5,000

This fee includes airfare, visas, all in-country transportation, accommodation, most meals, four-day trip across the Golden Triangle in Northern India, airport shuttles, tour guides, as well as project costs to further ZuLoo’s work.

This fee does not include souvenirs and snacks.

Trip attendees will be given a travel and packing guide to prepare for their expedition. You must be 15 years old or older to join. To participate send an email to:

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