India Expedition

Why do we facilitate on-site expeditions?

We deliver solutions for the world’s poor in areas lacking access to toilets and clean water. This year in India we are installing affordable, innovative, eco-friendly toilets and drilling water wells in Hyderabad slums.

What can I expect from joining an expedition?

ZuLoo, Inc.’s non- non-profit Affiliate, ZuLoo Humanitarian Outreach (“ZHO”) is focused on India.  Consistent with ZuLoo, Inc.’s social impact mission, ZHO is dedicated to enabling access to basic, low-cost, affordable and sustainable sanitation solutions (i.e., toilets) to the world’s most vulnerable populations.

Why sanitation?  We’re so glad you asked!

Currently the lottery of birth assigns 200,000 children each year conditions that take their lives prematurely due to diarrheal disease caused by lack of access to basic sanitation. This is the number one reason for loss of life of children under 5 in the developing world.

In India alone over half of a billion people lack access to toilets, forcing them to relieve themselves in gutters, waterways, and open fields. In fact, in India more people have access to cell phones than toilets! India’s dense population means that human feces are not easily kept from food and water sources, leading to the ingestion of bacteria and worms that cause more disease and loss of life than malaria and HIV combined. Without access to nearby toilet facilities, women and girls must commute away from their homes, placing them at risk for sexual assault and gender-based violence. As a result, many girls report purposefully taking in minimal food and water in order to minimize these commutes that involve taunting, voyeurism, and even the risk of rape.

With this in mind, ZHO has first chosen to focus its efforts on India’s vulnerable slums. ZHO seeks to work with in-country partners to secure adequate water and sanitation facilities across slum communities, where in some locations up to 90% of dwellers lack access to toilets and running water. ZHO’s efforts include drilling bore wells and the introduction of our favorite simple technology: the “Soilet”.

What are Soilets you ask?

Soilets are innovative, eco-friendly latrines that break down human waste using earthworms. The Soilet functions much like a septic system, but instead of the hassle and cost of regularly removing the solid waste, our earthworm friends take care of the job.

This is why we love what we do. Our business is to help people worldwide do their business.