What we are about.

At ZuLoo Humanitarian Outreach (ZHO) we work to bring affordable toilets, water security, and innovative sanitation solutions to the world’s poor. ZHO is affiliated with ZuLoo, Inc, which is a social impact benefit corporation focused on the toilet and bathroom consumer products sector. The long-term vision is for ZHO’s charitable work to be mostly funded by a donated percentage of all of ZuLoo, Inc’s sales of bathroom products.

Did you know?

40% of the world’s population have no access to toilets. 600 million of those people are in India alone. That’s twice the population of the United States living in one country without toilet access. As you can probably guess, this leaves them with no other options but to defecate in the open. Absence of toilets remains one of the leading causes of death and illnesses among children in India.