CHOICE Humanitarian’s Lonny Ward

On this episode of the ZuLoo Pōōdcast, we learn wisdom at the feet of seasoned humanitarian, family man, and all-around cowboy Lonny Ward!  Lonny currently serves as Director of Operations of CHOICE Humanitarian, a philanthropic 501(c)(3) charity that works with and through rural communities to expand their range of options, foster self-reliance, and reduce poverty. Having now impacted over 2,000,000 people for good, CHOICE is proof-positive that for every life touched there is potential for a better future! 

Facts, Poo-News, and Show Notes:

  • What did we use before toilet paper? 🧻😳🌽 (Big Think
  • Why let good poop go to waste?  Check out Wasted, a Vermont-based startup who is  turning porta-potties into sources of fertilizer! 💩💰🌱 (Bloomberg)
  • What is a “MPI” (“Monument to Philanthropic Ignorance”) and how does one avoid them?  Lonny tells us in this episode!
  • What do the letters “C.H.O.I.C.E.” stand for in CHOICE Humanitarian’s name?  Tune in and find out!
  • Connect with Lonny on LinkedIn
  • Did you know that CHOICE currently works in over 750  communities around the world?  Watch and read their stories here!

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