Toilets of the Future with Michael Hall

On this episode of the ZuLoo Pōōdcast, we are enlightened on the latest advances in toilet technologies by Michael Hall, Managing Director of Engineering at the legendary Hall Labs, a world-class team of innovators, scientists, and engineers who are working on tackling many of the world’s most challenging problems, including toilets and sanitation!  Sharpen your pencils, buckle up, and prepare to have your brain lit up! ⚗️⚛️

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Facts, Poo-News, and Show Notes:

  • Check out what Hall Labs scientists are cookin’ up in their “Edison-model” laboratory here!: 
  • Wanna see the smart toilet for the 21st century? Click here: 
  • Bill Gates’ New Toilet Sets Your Poop on Fire: 
  • Smart Toilet Market Continues to Gain Momentum  : 

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