ZuLoo Team India Update with Dr. Meera

Today we highlight the successful completion of ZuLoo’s 2023 toilet-building campaign in Hyderabad, India, 🏁🚽🚽🚽🇮🇳 with our dear friend and colleague, Dr. Meera, and her dedicated team at SAPID. This episode is dedicated to N. Bindu Naidu, our beloved SAPID teammate, who recently passed away. She will be greatly missed! 👼🏾🧡🤍💚🙏🏾

Poo-News and Show Notes:

  • Wait — why are people now putting toilet paper in their refrigerator? ❄️🧻❄️🤔 (Parade)
  • Swinging Toilet Wars?? May the strongest toilet win! 🚽💥🚽 (Instagram)
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